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Depending on your requirements we will deliver as much as needed.


No waiting, we will arrange an exact time slot when concrete will be delivered.


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Always ensuring competitive prices delivering high quality service and product.

No matter what size project you are undertaking Erris Concrete will deliver a quality product at the best prices and our experienced team is on hand to offer you advice on the right mix and strengths for your particular application or project. We only use the best quality materials to ensure that you get the best possible results.

We can supply screed and concrete for a range of projects including:

For foundations, we recommend using Gen1 (C12/15) S2 concrete.

We provide foundation concrete that is versatile and durable and can be used for:

  • House Foundations
  • Home Extension
  • Foundations
  • Concrete Wall Foundations
  • Conservatory Foundations 
  • Domestic Garage Foundations

Domestic concrete foundations can be used for out-buildings such as sheds and summerhouses and supporting structures such as retaining walls and patios.

For reinforced foundations, we recommend using RC20/25 (C20/25) S2 concrete.

Concrete is a composite material that works well in compression, but not in tension. We can solve this problem by casting wet concrete around strong, steel reinforcing bars (tied together to make a cage). When the concrete sets and hardens around the bars, we get a new composite material, reinforced concrete, that works well in either tension or compression: the concrete resists squeezing, while the steel resists bending.

For resistant concrete, we recommend using RC25/30 (C25/30) S2 concrete.

Particularly in underground construction, concrete structures are exposed to loads and wear and tear, which is a result of decade-long use. Concrete is characterised by its outstanding durability. Solutions containing sulphates, such as in natural or polluted groundwater, represent a considerable deteriorating impact on concrete. This can eventually lead to loss of strength, expansion, spalling of surface layers and ultimately to disintegration.

Using our resistant concrete for your foundations will ensure that your building stands strong against all elements.

For an oversite, we recommend using Gen2 (C25) S2 concrete.

An under-layer of concrete below a slab or other flooring, placed to prevent disturbance of the ground below, to provide an even and firm surface for the placement of the next layer, and to keep out ground air and moisture.

Garage or shed bases – we recommend using Gen3 (C28/30) S2 concrete.

A concrete base is the most durable base for a garden building, and its the most popular choice for higher value garden buildings. A concrete base is normally finished a few inches above the ground, which helps to prolong the life of a timber building. Inexpensive steel reinforcing can be placed within the concrete for extra strength at sites with poor ground conditions, for example where trees and shrubs have been removed or if the ground has been built up.

Driveways – we recommend using RC25/30 (C25/30) S2 concrete.

A concrete driveway is a sound investment for your home, and will last for years, unlike other paving options.

Benefits of a concrete driveway:

  • Long lasting
  • Clean and attractive appearance
  • Non-skid safe surface

For kerbing, we recommend using ST2 S2, OR ST4 (P300) S2 concrete.

While concrete kerb systems need to perform, they shouldn’t be a blight on any landscape, and this sleek, highly durable precision-manufactured offering has benefited highway schemes up and down the UK. 

We have 3 screed types, 4:1, 5:1 and 6:1 all with a 6-hour retarder.

Wave goodbye to stained carpets, draughty floorboards and slippery tiles and welcome concrete screed flooring into your home or business. Strong, robust and affordable with very little maintenance required.

For industrial flooring, we recommend using RC28/35 (C28/35) S2 concrete.

From heat and high foot traffic, to chemical exposure and heavy impacts, industrial floors need to handle a huge range of different pressures – and our specialist surfaces do just that.

For agricultural and farming concrete, we recommend using RC32/40 (C32/40) S2 concrete.

A concrete that is specially designed to meet the tough and aggressive requirements of agricultural and farming applications, whilst also being economical and easy to place.

Cavity wall fill – we recommend using Gen0 C6/8 Mix S2 concrete.

Drainage concrete – we recommend using ST1 S2 concrete.

Manholes – we recommend using ST4 (P300) S2 concrete.

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